Nigeria: Enslaving 200 Million People in the 21st Century


Modern Slavery

It has to be a difficult topic to refer to any form of slavery in the present tense, however enslaving 200 million people in the 21st century must be more difficult, you wonder? Slavery as a topic still brings cold shivers down the spine looking back at what slavery had done to our African fathers who were shipped from the coasts of Africa to Europe, America and beyond. A lot of our African bloodlines are lost to various continents to date with no real hope of finding their way back.

Enslaving 200 Million People in the 21st Century
Enslaving 200 Million People in the 21st Century

Slavery began what today has resulted in a continent filled with unfulfilled potential where nations of Africa are still yet to recover from the rape of the slave masters and/or colonial masters. Most African nations are still ruled in the same manner the masters led in the colonial/slavery era. Africa has moved from one form of slavery to another since the abandonment referred to as independence. In a lot of African nations, many are yet to experience any form of independence. Our countries have been handed over to our self-made slave masters who had been yearning for the white masters to leave so that they can take over the whip.

Look at Nigeria, a country blessed in natural riches with the potential to be one of the greatest countries in the world, yet manages to lead the world in poverty in the 21st century. After several years of pillage, rape, robbed of resources from human to natural riches, and over 6 decades of confused leadership, we are now at this point in history where our nation once again is faced with mockery.

How did we get here? Enslaved by our own and public funds are being given back to us to buy our votes. We sell our votes in exchange for little change, a token of what naturally belonged to us in the first place. Our politicians literarily and to our face give us the money they stole from us so we can vote them back in to steal it back and steal some more. Who bewitched us?

Fool Me Once, Shame On You

How is it possible that we are now celebrating men who should be hiding in shame? Simple questions we should be asking, ‘where did you get that money?’. ‘You dare pay us to vote for you with our own money?’, ‘what effrontery!’.

Men who should hide in shame are now in our face seeking for us to trust again with no track record of honesty.

Definition of Slavery

What is slavery? Slavery is a practise or system of owning slaves. This is also a condition of having to work very hard without proper remuneration or appreciation. Sounds to me like the Nigeria of today.

image 9

Fool Me Again, Shame On Me

We let them take advantage of us over and over again and that is on us. It’s worse when you consider the future of our younger generation. What education would they have? Which hospitals would they visit? Would we leave terrorists and bandits to kill them all or even take them as slaves? Do we even care at all? Did any of these cross our minds when we get paid to vote for our oppressors? Are we prisoners of our votes? We choose our masters with our belly and forget to care for the future of our children?

Your Curse, Your Cross

You don’t need a prophet to curse you when you sell your votes, you have literarily cursed yourself and now have to bear the cross. You will bear some, your children will carry the rest and their children’s children.

The sad part is, that this also gets to affect other people’s children who were not part of the sale. You brought this on yourself, well that is if you don’t change your ways.

It is Not Too Late

The cost of Nigeria’s reform and revolution against our oppressors is not a lot, now is a good time to start. It is not too late to build infrastructure that would cater for Nigerians and improve living standards. Nigeria’s change is not too expensive to fund if we don’t need to pay 3 times the cost of infrastructure. The average contract is currently valued 3 times the cost of execution as 2/3 goes back to the leaders in kickbacks.

Enslaving 200 Million People

How do you enslave 200 million people in the 21st century? First, deny them education. The more uneducated the people you lead, the less resistance you meet in any culture. Education unlocks the mind and allows for critical thinking. From ancient cultures to the western new age, education has always been an enlightening experience.

Education in any culture is a bundle of information that enlightens, hence why information or knowledge is always a powerful tool and in anybody’s hands could start a revolution.

Bad leaders struggle with people with enlightened minds hence a good way to keep your people enslaved is to deny them education. Education empowers and emboldens the ordinary man and allows any informed person to speak up and ask questions. This is a threat to the powers held by bad leaders, hence it works in their favour for their followers to be illiterates.

Poverty is another tool that fosters slavery and this is straight out of the rule book of tyranny or bad leadership. A poor man’s pre-occupation is how to survive from one day to the next, caught in a rat race and has little or no time to question leadership. A poor man’s immediate needs will always supersede the need for accountability from his leaders hence would happily take crumbs handed down at his own expense as opposed to demanding his right.

ASUU on Strike

How much is ASUU asking for? Our future generation’s education is on hold for months at a time while our rich and famous politicians lounge and basks in the glory of the money stolen from us.

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Corruption at all levels of leadership buried Nigeria in debt and poverty while the Nigerian poor masses are taught to hero-worship the leaders who have through six decades plunged the country deeper and deeper into debt and poverty.

Nigerian students protest ASUU strike – Video by Arise TV

This Is Nigeria Today

Insecurity In Nigeria

Insecurity in Nigeria has now become a constant headline topic for the past 8 years or more. The biggest includes the abduction of secondary school girls from Chibok in Borno State in 2014 through to the constant and increasingly rampant kidnapping attributed to Fulani bandits and associated criminals across the country. Several attacks on police stations and churches in Northern Nigeria and to the most recent attack on a church in Owo Ondo State where 40 people were killed including 4 children.

A mass burial of Owo Massacre victims – by Arise TV

There has also been an increase in religious kidnapping in the last few months with churches and church leaders now key targets for kidnappers.

The Big Questions

The failures in Nigerian leadership that span over 6 decades bring to light undeniable incompetence across the board. What qualifies our leaders for leadership positions? Is it education or experience? Does it matter that most of our leaders are uneducated and for those that had some form of education, they are mostly morally bankrupt? What are the criteria by which we choose that represent us? We had a choice, and we still have a choice however, how is it that we have chosen all these people who do not have our best interest at heart and we continue to choose them again and again? Why do we continue to celebrate people who stole from us? These are some of the big questions the young people of today need answers to before we embark on a 4-year journey with a new leader. The big questions we need answers to include but are not limited to the below.

How Did We Get Here?

During the era of military occupation of Nigeria, incompetence can be excused. The military ruled with guns, so there is little freedom to express opinion without fear of opression. Why did we settle for bad leadership when we had a chance to choose? Who bewitched us? Obviously, a lot of us sold our votes and it might make some sense considering most of us are poor. Their strategy to keep us poor has worked. How did we get here you ask? It was always a part of the plan.

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